SmartService LLC is a leading research and production enterprise in Russia in the field of design and manufacture of T-D seamless preforms made of carbon/glass fiber, which are used for the production of products made of polymer-composite materials. Unique experience, advanced research base and automated weaving complex allows Smartservice LLC to solve the most highly technical tasks for automotive, shipbuilding, construction and medical industry, etc. Our business model is based on mutually beneficial partnership with clients and achieving significant results in joint activities. We invite you to cooperate!

Our company Smartservice LLC is based in the capital of the beautiful Republic of Tatarstan, the city of Kazan. The company is a leading research and production company for the development and production of T-D seamless preforms made of carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid or in combination with any other fibers, which guarantees reliable and economical further processing of high-strength polymer composite materials. Long-term scientific and technical potential of our developers, proven technologies, innovative approach combined with automated weaving complex guarantee our clients to perform tasks with the highest requirements for composite components in shipbuilding, automotive, light construction, medical, sport goods industry and many other areas in which we have already developed and manufactured parts.

In addition, the clear market advantage that our customers enjoy is based not only on our skills in development and production, but also on our professional experience in the field of mechanical engineering for three-dimensional looms, which, probably, has no peers in Russia.

We will create for you a system specially adapted to the three-dimensional component, whether it is a mass production with high speed requirements or three- dimensional seamless parts in foreseeable quantities and sizes that far exceed international standards. And all this will have a price that is much lower than the average for the market, and does not require large expenses and, therefore, is profitable.

We believe that many of the design and technical solutions that are still used in the production of composites are in the past, and that further processing to the finished part in many cases requires too much time and cost to eventually get a part that can withstand only an average amount of stress.Choose a different path with us: smart composite: 3D! Here we go!

Smart means a smart concept, because the production takes into account the needs of the customer, in the best seamless quality, the products are light and at the same time extremely durable, saving materials and resources, and thus being advanced in technical and technological terms.

Smart for us is also a mutual benefit, a win-win- situation: A customer-oriented approach to problem solving that delivers results with an excellent cost- effectiveness ratio with concentrated energy consumption creates additional benefits and helps our clients develop and strengthen their own sales positions with the end user - a trusted partnership that guarantees competitiveness today and in the future.

Let us work for You. Let's develop your project together, with which tomorrow you will become a market leader!

Advantages of 3D weaving

Three-dimensional weaving (3D weaving) is a relatively new weaving technology for obtaining in a single technological operation an seamless T-D-reinforcing preform with a given percentage of fibers in the reinforcement systems and with a given volume content of fibers in the preform of the final shape, or approximate geometric shape of the future composite product. 3D weaving allows you to create new unique types of materials. Using the distribution of threads, you can adjust the thickness and properties of the material, giving it exactly the qualities that are necessary for solving a specific production problem. Using the spatially reinforced composite materials for the manufacture of such structures excludes stratification, since the presence of reinforcing fibers in the third direction prevents the spread of micro-cracks that appear in the places of defects. There are several ways to create spatially reinforced structures.


Below you can see seamless T-D reinforcing preforms made on an automated shuttle loom made of carbon and glass roving.


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